Monday, February 18

Rotary President offers fundraising advice

Wilf Wilkinson, the first Canadian president of Rotary International, will speak in Halifax on Tuesday evening.

His fundraising efforts are legendary in Rotary circles. For example, in 1986, he was treasurer of the Canada PolioPlus program, with a goal of raising $10 million across the country. He raised $12 million.
Not only has Wilkinson helped raise many millions more since that campaign; Rotary has almost eradicated polio, through its massive financial contributions.

His advice on fundraising is simple and honest:
His theory is simple. "The secret of fundraising is being convinced of the need, having the courage to ask and not being discouraged when someone says no. You’ll get a donation about every fourth person, so just keep asking. And you’ll get something eventually from the person who turned you down the last time — if you ask again next time."
The 77 year-old leader overseas an organization that has grown to 1.2 million Rotarians in 32,000 clubs in 200 countries and regions.

Quiet an impressive fundraising resume for a guy named "Wilf."

Keep up the good work.

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