Thursday, January 17

Loser on 'Survivor' is a winner in fundraising

Sonja Christopher was one of the first cast-aways on season one of the CBS hit show "Survivor" back in 2000.

Prior to the show she was asked what she would do with the $1 million if she won and she told friends that she would donate the money to her church in the San Francisco suburb of Walnut Creek to help them build a fellowship hall.

Unfortunately, she was the first contestant voted off the island after stumbling during a race.

Yet in an ironic twist of fate, Christopher donated her $2,500 consolation prize and that generous gift spurred more than $1 million in donations. This month, the 70-year-old Christopher helped break ground on that hall.

Richard Hatch, the winner of that first season is now serving time in a federal prison for tax evasion. That irony prompted Michelle Locke, an Associated Press Writer to observe:

Kind of adds a whole new layer to that "last shall be first, and the first last" thing.

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