Wednesday, December 19

Local Salvation Army chapters feel pinch

Channel 15 in Madison, WI says the Salvation Army needs a miracle:

Currently, the Salvation Army is about $70,000 behind where it was this time last year. There's also about 400 bell ringers short of last years volunteers as well. The Salvation Army's goal is $480,000 for its red kettle campaign. Right now its at $275,000 which means its $205,000 short.
And in Minneapolis - St. Paul the news seems to be even worse:
However, agencies that depend in part on United Way, businesses and individual donors -- such as Catholic Charities, the Emergency FoodShelf Network and Salvation Army -- report that fundraising is lagging while demand for food, shelter, clothing and other support has risen. Those seeking help range from the chronic homeless to folks who can't make mortgage payments.
Bad fundraisers are always looking for an excuse for missing their numbers. I've been doing this long enough to remember when groups used 9/11 or Katrina donation fatigue in past years... but I really think the Chronicle of Philanthropy is on to something when they point out the growing economic divide between charities.

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