Tuesday, December 11

400 Santas running for charity

The 2007 Santa Run attracted more than 400 people dressed as Santa to run the annual charity fund raiser in Newtown, Powys (located in Wales).

“We still had up to 400 santas running the four-and-a-half-mile course which was marvellous,” said organiser Michael Jones.

Event organizers are disputing reports that bad weather kept more people away. To check out more photos from past events, go here... and be sure to check out this story about the Santas arrested for starting a street brawl in 2004.

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Fairfax said...

I lived in Wales for a while (doing fundraising for a boarding school). Newtown Powys is a very small place, so 400 people there represents about a quarter of the village. Plus, bad weather = Wales.