Wednesday, November 7

Ron Paul's big day

I was so preoccupied this week I forgot to blog about Ron Paul. The Republican maverick running for President "blew up" the one day fundraising record in celebration of Guy Fawkes day.

The Christian Science Monitor said this:

On Monday, an independent effort by Paul backers raised a stunning $4.2 million for his campaign, nearly all of it online. At the rate Paul is going, he will have a fourth-quarter funding total that rivals or even surpasses the top-tier GOP candidates.

Paul backers tied their Nov. 5 fundraising effort to Guy Fawkes Day – which commemorates the day in 1605 when the British mercenary tried to blow up Parliament and kill the king. Fawkes also provided inspiration for the 1982 graphic novel "V for Vendetta," later a movie. The Paul-Fawkes connection led the Paul campaign to assert that the congressman does not support violence against the government.
The website Editor and Publisher speculated that the media will be forced to pay attention now that Paul's supporters have taken matters into their own hands.

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Anonymous said...

not only did the LA Times call it a "fundraising coup" but it also says that Paul overnight earned "credibility." I don't know if you can under-estimate the impact of this!,0,4462236.story?coll=la-politics-campaign