Thursday, November 29

Mississippi belle linked to Red Cross scandal

Several media reports are beginning to shed a little more light on the affair that led to the Red Cross firing their leader on Tuesday. The New York Times tells it this way:

A senior executive at the Red Cross who had been hired by Mr. Everson told board members about Mr. Everson’s relationship — with a married woman who is head of a Red Cross chapter on the Gulf Coast. Mr. Everson met the woman on trips that were part of efforts to restore the Red Cross’s reputation there. She is pregnant, two Red Cross executives said.
The New York Post describes the woman as a sultry Southern belle:
The glamorous brunette, a former TV reporter, is an official with a Mississippi chapter of the Red Cross - a position that put her on the front lines responding to the Hurricane Katrina disaster that leveled her own home.
Neither paper published the woman's name.

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Fairfax said...

Surprised that nothing's come out about her, too.

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