Thursday, November 15

Food depositories report decline in donations

In May of this year, the Wall Street Journal published a story about how food banks across the country have experienced a drop in food donations - by more than 15 or 20% in some cases.I read more this morning about how this pinch is hurting big cities like Chicago:

Food retailers and manufacturers, in other words, are becoming more efficient—wasting less food, mislabeling less often and instituting fewer marketing campaigns—resulting in less food donated to the depository.

The federal government, in the midst of a legislative roadblock regarding the 2007 Farm Bill, is providing less food for the depository. In 2005 the government provided 34 percent of the depositories’ food supply—16 million pounds. However in 2006 the government decreased its donation to 10 million pounds.
Go here for more of the story.

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