Monday, November 12

Color of Change responds to attacks over donations

The nonprofit group that has helped raise over $200,000 for the Jena 6 legal defense fund is responding to slanderous allegations made by radio personality Michael Baisden.

Since July, 17th, ColorOfChange members have donated $212,039.90 for the legal defense of the Jena 6, six Black boys being unjustly railroaded by the criminal justice system in Jena, Louisiana. ColorOfChange has already sent $210,809.90 to the six legal teams defending these young men.
The group even offers a link to see the cancelled checks along with a website to refute each of the allegations.

In an email sent last Thursday to supporters of, the group makes it's own claims about why Baisden would spread these attacks.
So why does Baisden resort to slandering us on the air now, after seeing for himself exactly how funds were managed? He's promoting his own fundraising effort this week and is trying to position himself as the only trustworthy source for fundraising around the Jena 6. He's stated explicitly that he started his fund because he thinks other efforts are untrustworthy. Discrediting us is a great way to promote himself and his fund.
I feel ashamed for posting the Denver Post, Chicago Tribune, and YouTube video link in a previous posting without this clarification... and I thank one of my favorite readers for pointing out this response.

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