Monday, November 5

Act for Change tells donors about Convio breach

Working Assets members who participate in their Act for Change program received this email on Saturday explaining Convio's security breach.

We regret to inform you that the company we contract with to provide online services, Convio, has identified a breach of one of their internet security systems. There was no breach of personally-identifiable information or credit card data, but your email address and password for managing your Act For Change and Working For Change subscriptions were obtained by an unauthorized third party.

There is potential for misuse of this information should you use the same email address and password on other personal accounts (e.g, banking, PayPal, Amazon, etc.) Convio would like to advise you of important steps that you can and should take to prevent misuse of your personal information:
It goes on to explain some steps donors should take to protect themselves.


ChaseOnline said...

I received one from an org that was affected, but they failed to mention that Convio was their provider.

George said...

You and your readers may be interested in this. I write a blog about identity theft and my experiences. Some of my blog’s readers were affected by the Working Assets data breach, and wrote to me about it. This morning, the company’s VP of Customer Relations posted a reply to my blog post:
Working Asset or Working Liability?