Tuesday, November 6

ACLU of Southern California notifies donors

A reader passed along an email to me this morning from the ACLU of Southern California:

This weekend we learned about a security breach atGetActive/Convio, the company that provides internet servicesfor our online Action Team. Your information has not been affected.

There was no breach of personally-identifiable information orcredit card data, but some email addresses and passwords mayhave been obtained by an unauthorized third party.

Because we take your privacy seriously, we want you to know whatwe are doing to protect it. Even though your information was notaffected, GetActive/Convio suggests the following steps foronline security:

1. Do not reuse the same password for your online services suchas banking or PayPal.
2. Pay careful attention to emails you may receive requestingpersonal and financial information, and only provide it when youcan confidently confirm that it has come from a trustedorganization.
3. Report any suspicious activity immediately to the accountprovider (bank, credit card, etc.) and to credit bureaus.
That must be an especially hard situation for the privacy folks at the ACLU.

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Anonymous said...

It seems a lot like the subprime credit crisis a lot of banks are experiencing... the market seems nervous waiting for the next shoe to drop as one by one banks come forward to admit that they had this debt on their books as well.