Thursday, October 25

Charity galas are great advertisement for shopping center

Outside of Tucson, Arizona is an upscale shopping center called La Encantada.

Throughout the year, La Encantada features events such as a simulated snowfall during the Christmas season, a culinary showcase in the summer and a performing-arts festival in November featuring such groups as the Tucson Boys' Chorus and the Tucson Guitar Society.

But marketing director Linda Shalit thinks she has found a way to entice people who would otherwise think the center is too high-end for their bank accounts.

Charity fundraising events.

La Encantada waives site rental fees for non-profit organizations looking to sponsor an event there and as a result, 11 charities used the space last year - raising over $500,000 for local nonprofits.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

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Russ Burke said...

That is a great community involvement move for these fdor profits operations. It is certainly a cut above the more familiar "special shopping discounts" ticket sales ploys by individual stores.

But it also brings to mind how useful it could be for npo's involved in preservation of properties and landmarks could benefit by offering the same deal to other npo's. Sharing their venue would result in my mind in a win-win for both nonprofits.

I hope more nonprofits would look at such might prepare the ground for even more collaborations.