Thursday, September 27

Kids fundraising at liquor store?

I saw this letter to the editor in the Nashua Telegraph:

Am I the only person in New Hampshire who sees something terribly wrong with allowing our children to solicit funds outside the state-run liquor store?

On two different Saturdays in the month of September, I saw teenage cheerleaders standing outside the door of the liquor store on Coliseum Avenue. They were doing cheers to attract attention.I have to seriously question the logic behind having our children raising funds at the local liquor store.

What is the manager of the store thinking? How about the coach/director of these impressionable children?Most importantly, however, is what are these parents thinking?

Linette Lukawitz
Good call Linette. Your powers of observation would make you a great guest blogger at Don't Tell the Donor.

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Lukie said...

Thank you very much. It is just one of those things that is so silly you have to wonder how it was ever started in the first place. I think I will have to decline on the guest blogger offer. I am a republicans Republican and I don't think I would fit in well with your format. I do have some strong opinions (that are not always intelligently articulated) if you want to look at my blog.
Linette Lukawitz, Nashua New Hampshire.