Monday, August 27

New Hampshire charities gamble and lose

The Nashau Telegraph is reporting that authorities in New Hampshire suspect a fundraising company stole up to $90,000 that was supposed to go to area non-profits.

WMUR reported that thirteen nonprofits did not receive any fundraising money after hiring New England Fundraising to host gambling nights for charity. Owner, Joseph Ross of Nashua, said the company has gone out of business, leaving several area non-profit groups short on expected revenue from fundraisers.

The groups didn’t lose money, but didn’t receive the money they expected from Ross’s fundraisers because he wasn’t able to keep the venture going, he said. Ross estimated that his company owes less than $60,000, but there’s no money to cover it, he said Friday.
One example is the Nashua Soccer Club - it was supposed to get $5,000 for a gambling night back in January. The other charities that have subsequently complained to state authorities that they received no money are:
Cinderella Project
Derry Friendship Center
Holderness After School Care and Enrichment Program
Nashua Center for the Multiply Handicapped
Nashua Fireman's Association
Nashua Flute Choir
NH Philharmonic Orchestra
NH Pro Drivers Association
Phillipine American Group Assisting Social Aid
Southern NH HIV/AIDS
The state has suspended the license of the New England Fund Raising Co. for the remainder of 2007.

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