Thursday, August 30

Former Senate aide arrested after crashing presidential fundraiser

Did you hear the story about the wild weekend in Martha's Vineyard for former U.S. Sen. Max Cleland’s top aide? Jim Galloway at the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a pretty full description, but he quotes from the Vineyard Gazette:

Police say 31-year-old Michael Duga used a credential identifying himself as the chief of staff to former Sen. Maxwell Cleland of Georgia to gain access to the event.

Once inside, he purported to be a top official for the Edwards campaign to some while representing himself as a paying guests to others. According to Mr. MacDonald, the host of the event, Mr. Duga was neither.
Then there was this:
Mr. Duga’s appearance at the fundraiser was only part of his bizarre behavior over the weekend. Although police are not sure when Mr. Duga arrived on the Island, they believe he rented a room in a bed and breakfast in Aquinnah where he asked another guest if he could borrow their vehicle to find better cell phone service.

Mr. Duga then reportedly drove the vehicle, a Chevy Suburban, to the Edwards fundraiser where he worked most of the night at the front table where people purchased tickets. Toward the end of the fundraiser, Mr. Duga reportedly tried to stop a photographer from taking pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Edwards.

According to the police report, Mr. Duga got a ride to the airport with the Edwards party after the event, although he missed the flight to the next campaign stop.

Instead, Mr. Duga spent the night on the Island, and was next spotted Saturday around 8 a.m. when the Menemsha Coast Guard Station called Chilmark police to report a suspicious person on their property. Coast Guard officials later told police Mr. Duga was looking through paperwork and made some telephone calls from the Coast Guard boat house without permission.
I mean, maybe the stolen documents and breaking into a Coast Guard boat house was a bit much... but who hasn't tried to crash a fundraiser before?


Anonymous said...

I read that one of the charges was for marijuana possession.

Anonymous said...

Duga has been charged with a lot over the years. He's also been detained in various countries too.....and he wants another chance! speak like an attorney....but guess what? YOU AREN'T ONE! Just because "you're innocent" doesn't really mean you are....