Tuesday, August 7

Did Fox News host Gibson's show slander John Edwards?

Media Matters posted a rather disturbing story last night:

On the August 3[rd] edition of Fox News host John Gibson's nationally syndicated radio program, the show's executive producer, who goes by the name "Angry Rich" on the program, claimed Democratic presidential candidate former Sen. John Edwards (NC) "whored his wife's cancer as a fundraising gimmick." He also went on to call him "a fraud" and "a pansy."
What's really interesting is that Media Matters and John Gibson have already engaged in a sparring match earlier this summer over fundraising. The website ran this clip on July 6th.
Gibson claimed that Media Matters has been "taking money from the Tides Foundation, which is a George Soros-funded operation. Over a short period of years, got $3.5 million, and they spend all their time now attacking anybody who breathes a word about not liking Hillary." As previously indicated, Soros has never given money to Media Matters, either directly or through another organization. As Media Matters documented when Fox News host Bill O'Reilly falsely suggested that Soros funded Media Matters through the Tides Foundation, Soros' Open Society Institute's donations to Tides were all designated for specific programs, and Media Matters was not included on this list.
If you'd liked to contact this "Angry Rich" guy, I guess you can use this website.

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