Friday, July 13

TV Christians hold on to disabled man’s donation

An evangelical Christian TV network in South Africa has been accused by the family of a mentally ill person of refusing to repay his pension money he donated to the station, according to an article in The Daily Dispatch Online.

The family of Manjo Maphuma, a former Gauteng policeman who now lives in Mdantsane and has been diagnosed with a mental illness, said Bhisho-based Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) has rejected their calls for the money to be repaid.

Maphuma’s wife, Nomathemba Zita, said despite numerous attempts by her to convince the the Christian TV and radio station to return the payments, which her husband has been making to TBN over seven years – including a R90000 cheque – TBN’s former station manager and director Bernard Roebert has refused to do so.

Zita said her husband, who signed a debit order with TBN, had donated almost R200000 to the church. The Daily Dispatch has seen a number of the receipts from TBN.
Attorneys acting for Roebert vehemently denied the allegations.

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assistive technology said...

This is pretty debatable. On one hand you have the fact that he donated the money and how were they supposed to know that he was mentally ill. On the other hand, how can you say that the man was incapable of donating just because he was mentally ill.