Tuesday, May 22

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I really recommend the most recent 501c3Cast - Podcast for Nonprofits recorded by Corey Pudhorodsky.

He talks about a cool new website he discovered called BolderGiving.org which highlights stories from “The 50% League” – people who have given half or more of their income or business profits for at least three years, or given at least 50% of their financial assets or business’ equity at some point in their lives.

He discusses the conditions placed on the $100 million gift T. Boone Pickens gave to Texas medical centers. The money will go to a fund that must grow within 25 years to $500 million — through earnings on the original principal or other donations — before the centers can use it. If the medical centers don't meet the goal, they would keep the original gift and give the interest to Oklahoma State University, Pickens' alma mater.

He also talks about Peter Deitz's fundraising for Net2 Innovation Award winners using widgets.

Finally, he interviews Sharron Powell Quincy of the Red Cross about the Greensburg, KS relief efforts. His website also links to some incredible aerial photos of the damage.

Great work Corey.

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Corey said...

Thanks so much for the post and positive feedback! I always enjoy hearing that people appreciate the interviews and links that I share, but the compliments mean even more when they are from a person whose content I value and respect also! Keep up the great work with "Don't Tell the Donor" and I'll keep on making podcasts!