Friday, May 11

Bush's low approval hurts GOP fundraising

Last night, President Bush helped raise $10.5 million for the national Republican Party at its annual gala. That's the smallest gross in years for the event.

According to The Associated Press, that's down from $17 million last year, $15 million in 2005 and $14 million in 2003. When Bush was seeking re-election to the White House in 2004, the dinner brought in a record $38.5 million.

That's almost a 75% drop from three years ago.

The cocktail reception drew about 800 people to the cavernous DC Armory, where they dined standing up on tenderloin sandwiches, crab cakes, vegetables and hummus. The ticket price was $1,500 a person, though many donated more.
Wait a minute. They dined standing up? Jeez... you mean, they couldn't even afford chairs??? Would the last person out please turn off the lights? (Cartoon by Sage Stossel)

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