Saturday, May 26

20 gallons of blood

Donors sometimes may feel they are giving a pound of flesh to fundraisers who make repeated solicitations... but what if a donor set a personal goal to give 160 donations over the course of 40 years - giving 20 gallons of their blood?

I saw this Associated Press story and couldn't help but think of what we call "multi-donors" - those who give 3 or more donations a year for many years in a row:

Seventy-nine-year-old Lillian Bloodworth made her 160th donation Wednesday in Pensacola. Throughout the years, Bloodworth has given enough blood to help more than 400 people.

Bloodworth says she first started to give blood in 1968 when she was volunteering for the Red Cross. Bloodworth says "If I can give and someone else can't, then why not do it?"

I'm sorry... what was her name again? Bloodworth? Is that the secret to forging lifelong relationships with donors? Maybe its easier if you find donors with last names that closely match your cause or brand.

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