Friday, April 13

Fake donor gets 42 months in prison

Do you remember Hakan Yalincak? Yalincak was a senior history major at New York University when he was indicted on numerous fraud counts in 2005.

This blog wrote about him back in December because in a related part of the story, he fooled NYU into thinking he would donate $21 million to build a lecture hall and create a scholarship fund and an Ottoman Studies professorship.

With that history in mind, U.S. District Judge Janet Arterton Wednesday sentenced Yalincak, now 23, to 3½ years in federal prison, in part to find and develop the moral compass she said "is either not present or not functioning.

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Alex said...

You know you have to wonder why never ever reported how NYU admitted Yalincak's fake "Irish cousin" (Cormac Meehan) to its school and awarded him a diploma in 2008. This was one of many admissions apparently that Yalincak got through NYU's tight admission doors. Amazingly, according to and Meehan now works on Wall Street. One conman another conman comes in....