Wednesday, February 28

Mobile fundraising predicted to leapfrog direct mail

Alex Donohue at Brand Republic reported yesterday on a new report from Think Consulting Solutions which predicts that a "mobile phone revolution" is contributing to a sea change in countries which do not have highly developed traditional fundraising infrastructure such as mail-based communications.

Jason Potts, director of digital activities at Think Consulting Solutions, said: "The Asian tsunami put SMS giving on the global map. It went from nothing to 21% of the total money donated globally via new media channels to one large emergency organisation.

"Countries such as Greece, Slovenia, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa and Malaysia all raised comparatively significant funds via SMS."

The report added that lack of or inefficient fundraising infrastructure was often the biggest barrier to growing fundraising revenues, and it could also "stop fundraising in its tracks" unless stringent measures to prevent illegal, unsolicited transfers and the selling of personal data were adopted.
All of that sounds good, as long as they don't make mistakes like this group in Malta.

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