Friday, February 2

Jerry Rice Roast Cancelled

Superbowls have a tendency to high light existing economic inequality in the host city. Last year the NFL tried to avoid images of million dollar celebrity events juxtaposed next to the urban neglect of inner-city Detroit. This year's host Miami is the third-poorest city in America. As the New York Times writes today:

For a couple of years, the N.F.L attempted a blue-collar outreach program of sorts as it whisked through Jacksonville or Detroit, only to discover its corporate partners and celebrity posse preferred balmy breezes to wind chills.
Amidst this disparity, the Jerry Rice Roast was supposed to raise money to benefit the Otis Wilson Foundation, a local homeless shelter, and Rice's own foundation. Yet, late yesterday the event website posted this announcement:
Due to circumstances beyond our control, we regret to inform you this event has been canceled.
I wonder if organizers were having a hard time selling the 1,500 tickets at $800 apiece at the Westin Diplomat. Here's a lesson for nonprofit event planners... when you see that your promoter advertising your event on Craig's List... you know he/she is having trouble selling tickets.

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