Monday, February 19

Be careful when calling your donors liars

Before declaring their candidacy for federal offices, politicians can use less regulated "exploratory committees" to fundraise and cover expenses. These accounts are not allowed for candidates seeking state office.

Steve Henry's campaign for Governor in Kentucky has been hit with controversy over the subject of these exploratory committees. According to WTVQ, Henry apparently still has a fund raising committee open for his failed senate race back in 1997.

An Associated Press story explains that as late as last summer donors gave Henry money for what they thought was his run for Governor only to be surprised when they learned their donation went to his US Senate exploratory committee.

On June 30, 2006 the Federal Election Commission ordered Henry to either run again for US Senate or stop taking contributions. Henry was ordered to respond by July 31, but never did, according to FEC Spokeswoman Michelle Ryan.
When confronted with questions about why his donors might have thought they were supporting his run for Governor, Henry called his donors "mistaken."

Be careful Steve. When you start calling your donors liars it may impact future fundraising efforts.

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Anonymous said...

Steve has been doing the same thing with his four non-profit organizations. He's using their accounts as slush funds.