Friday, January 19

Bacon makes 'Six Degrees' a fundraiser

About a year ago, Kevin Bacon bought the domain name Today the actor will be at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, to launch the site as an online charitable-giving site that is inspired by his namesake game and driven by today's obsession with celebrities.

I have to admit, even after reading this article in the USA Today, I'm not really sure I understand how it's going to work... but it seems as if potential donors will be able to learn more about the charities their favorite celebrities support.

Some of those already on board (and their charity of choice):

Kyra Sedgwick (Natural Resources Defense Council)
Nicole Kidman (UNIFEM)
Tyra Banks (Tyra Banks TZONE Foundation)
Ashley Judd (YouthAIDS)
Bradley Whitford and Jane Kaczmarek (Clothes Off Our Back)
Dana Delany (Scleroderma Research Foundation)
Jessica Simpson (Operation Smile)
Will Ferrell (Cancer for College)
Kanye West (Kanye West Foundation)

The USA Today article explains how Bacon teamed up with the non-profit group Network for Good, AOL and Sundance sponsors Entertainment Weekly. But it also explains that long before the corporate players stepped in, Bacon says he was inspired by Paul Newman's salad dressing.

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