Wednesday, December 20

We are all getting so blooming old

Despite the excitement from some fundraisers that baby boomers are going to be seeing the largest transfers of wealth from their aging parents which supposedly will increase donations... I still know a lot of direct mail folks who are worried their donor file consists donors in their 80s and 90s who may be getting too old too give by direct mail.

But what about when the fundraisers get too old?

In 1970 Janet Knox started a fundraising committee in the UK. She gathered her friends from All Saints' Church in High Wycombe and the group began raising money for cancer research. In the past 36 years the group has raised more than £313,000 by organizing lunches, coffee mornings and street collections.

Unfortunately, the group is getting old and announced recently that it was closing down because it can't find volunteers to continue the good work.

Fellow fundraiser Shirley Read, 73, of Wethered Park, Marlow, said: "We wanted to hand over the reigns to the younger generation, but they just don't seem to be interested. It's such a shame."
Janet Knox described it this way, ""We are all getting so blooming old. We absolutely loved it when we were involved, but now it is time to give it up."

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