Wednesday, December 27

Learning lessons from spam?

If it felt like you got more spam in the past month or so, you're right. Information Week reports that November saw a 35% increase in spam volume. In October of 2005, there were 31 billion spams a day on average. By October of 2006, this increased to 63 billion. However, November saw two surges that averaged 85 billion messages a day, one from Nov. 13 to 22, the other from Nov. 26 to 28.

Spammers are using malware development tactics such as trying out new strains of spam in limited quantities to gauge how effective they are against filters, then sending out huge quantities only when they're sure a good number will slip through defenses.
I know, I know. Spamming is illegal and it is important to have clear privacy policies and some insist on double opt-in requirements... but there are also important lessons to be learned from the progession of both technological advancements being made by spammers. Even more interesting in the increasing use of direct marketing lessons being applied by savy spammers.

Are your approaches to fundraising emails this sophisicated?

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