Friday, December 22

Holiday message from 'a fundraiser'
Donate more than you spend on beer

I'm not going to be around the next couple days, so I wanted to find a holiday message that I could leave on the site for a couple days. Lucky for me, I heard about the Christmas message delivered by Jack de Groot, CEO of the Australian Catholic development organization Caritas Australia.

He noted that a working Australian will spend an estimated $856 on food and gifts - placing Australians amongst the most generous in the world when it comes to spending on Christmas. However, according to Caritus calculations, Australian donations to international development "only come to $43 per person - the equivalent of a slab of beer or a kilo and a half of prawns."

"Australians are a very generous people" said de Groot, "but we can do a lot more in terms of alleviating poverty if we really commit to it."

You gotta love nonprofit folks who call out donors for not being generous enough!

It's a busy time of year. We've spent a lot of time on this website talking about scandals within the nonprofit fundraising world. But, I want to make sure it is very clear - our goal here is to provide relevant news in a humorous way so that fundraisers and consultants who surf the web can get a good laugh. However, it is also my personally help belief that this site can INCREASE donor involvement in fundraising industry gossip in order to INCREASE donations.

So, if you've found any of these posts useful, make one more donation to a group you support... and do it right now through the new partnership between the research powerhouse at Charity Navigators and the fundraising excellence of Network for Good.

There is really no excuse for not making a donation right now... to the cause of your choice... with as much information as you could ever want, ease, convenience, giving time of year. IT IS ALL HERE RIGHT NOW.

Just make sure you donate more than what it would cost for this slab of Australian beer.

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