Monday, December 4

The coverage we deserve...

Peter Panepento at the Chronicle of Philanthropy has an article out on the rise of blogs about fundraising. It would be an understatement to say that I'm crushed for not being included.

However, because so many of our friends at other great sites were included, I have decided to paste parts of the article below. I'll take up my beef with Mr. Panepento on my own.

Some charity bloggers say that the online forums have yet to reach their full potential because few readers participate in a back-and-forth discussion by posting their own comments. For example, Mr. Ruesga's blog attracts about 100 regular readers — a fraction of whom add their own comments or responses to his posts.

Nobody knows for sure how many blogs are devoted to nonprofit issues, but the best guess by people who write blogs is that about 100 are now in operation. That is an infinitesimal fraction of the estimated 12 million blogs available on the Internet, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, in Washington.
A handful of other blogs — including the Charity Governance Blog and Where Most Needed — take a watchdog approach. These entries attempt to shed light on misdeeds, challenge actions, and spotlight questionable practices in the nonprofit world.
Whatever their purpose, those who write philanthropy-related blogs share an optimism that the online forums will become a significant part of the nonprofit landscape. In particular, say some writers, they help nonprofit officials figure out how to convey messages and see how the public responds.
The entire article can be read here (subscription required).

UPDATE: I've received a couple emails to say that Don't Tell the Donor was still included in an insert list of blogs that get attention. Ok... I feel a little better now.

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