Tuesday, November 28

Worst Person in the World?

I admit it - I really like Keith Olbermann. I liked him when he was at ESPN and I've really enjoyed watching his climb through the ratings. As part of his nightly 8pm broadcast, Olbermann awards his "Worst Person in the World" award. Tonight, he gave it to someone for returning a donation:

But tonight’s winner, Linda Crosshauer, the National Science Teachers Association president. Laurie David, co-producer of the Al Gore movie “An Inconvenient Truth,” and wife of the actor Larry David, tried to donate 50,000 DVD copies of the movie so science teachers could show their students.

She said they e-mailed back that they couldn’t accept the DVDs because, among other things, doing so would place, "unnecessary risk upon the National Science Teachers Association capital campaign," especially certain targeted supporters. Who might they be?

Who wouldn’t donate lots of money to the Science Teachers Association if it accepted copies of “An Inconvenient Truth?” Try Exxon Mobile and Shell, which had already donated millions to the association and the American Petroleum Institute, whose own movie the association happily accepted and distributed. It’s called “Fuel-Less, You Can’t Be Cool Without Fuel.”

I got Copernicus and Galileo on the phone. They say the Earth revolves around the sun. What hang up on them? All right, I’m sorry, we have taken millions from the Flat Earth Society. Linda Crosshauer, president of the National Science Teachers Association, available at the right price, Monday's Worst Person in the World.

You can read more about this in last Sunday's Washington Post or on The Democratic Daily website.

It was only a week ago that the Marines' Toys for Tots Christmas toy drive reversed course and decided to accept the 4,000 12-inch tall talking Jesus dolls from the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co.
"We realized it's a lot less time-consuming to find homes for the dolls than it is to answer media and complaints," said Bill Grein, vice president of the foundation in Quantico.
If you feel compelled to contact the National Science Teachers Association - first you should know the President's name is NOT Linda Crosshauer, her name is Linda Froschauer. She can be reached at fro2@mac.com or 703.243.7100.

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