Thursday, November 2

Throw his butt in jail

A truly sick story in Scotland just got worse. Back in December 2000, Tony Freeman started a company called Solutions Recruitment and Management Consultancy. He paid himself £190,000 a year to run it - which by itself isn't a crime. But it turns out Freeman was a "fundraising scam boss" who today finds himself facing jail time for ripping off cancer charities. As Scotsmen News reports:

...his activities came under the scrutiny of the Scottish Charities Office and charity commissioners south of the Border. They found that Freeman's two clients - Paisley-based Breast Cancer Research (Scotland) and Breast Cancer Relief, based in Manchester, had paid millions for his services.

The charities' bank accounts were frozen and Freeman and three other trustees were ordered to play no further part in their running.

The investigation found more than £13 million had been donated but only £1.5 million had been passed on to good causes. Freeman was supposed to have collected £8 million of the £11.5 million in commission for his role as fund-raiser.
But what makes the story even worse is that the judge (or as they say in Scotland, "Lord") gave the scam boss one week to find £362,000 he still owes creditors. I say, make the man sell his house in Cyprus, liquidate his piggy bank... then throw his butt in jail for the maximum sentence. If he gets leniency simply because he "found" the money he scammed, we're going to be forced to set up an international email campaign against the Lord Kinclaven.

UPDATE: He got 18 months.

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