Friday, November 10

Maybe it was something they drank...

Back in August, Bloomberg ran a story on members of Congress who were increasingly sharing apartments to save money. The article also mentioned how some members often live as neighbors on the same block. However, looking back on it, this blurb seems to indicate the most unlucky fundraising event in recent political history:

Republicans can be neighbors, however. Five Republican lawmakers living in row houses assessed at $250,000 to $400,000 on the same block as Miller's got together to raise money on May 18. For $1,000 per fund-raiser, donors drank margaritas for Representative Chris Chocola of Indiana, Scotch with Representative Clay Shaw of Florida, wine with Representative Mark Foley of Florida, and martinis with Representative Nancy Johnson of Connecticut. For another $1,000, they had dessert and coffee with Representative Jim Ryun of Kansas.
All five of those reps -- Chocola, Shaw, Foley, Johnson and Ryun -- lost on Tuesday. As another blogger pointed out - there may be an entire block for sale in Washington, DC come January.

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