Tuesday, October 31

What's the Women Donors Network?

Until Monday, the community of women philanthropists had chosen to remain out of public view. But, the San Jose Mercury News reported that the Menlo Park-based network is making its national debut by running full-page ads in the national edition of the New York Times. The ads instruct voters how to ensure their vote is recorded Nov. 7, and what to do if they suspect it isn't.

To join, a woman or her foundation must have $25,000 or more in annual giving. Membership has grown from about 50 members five years ago to about 175 now; WDN plans to cap membership at 200 to preserve community.

``Philanthropy is kind of the last glass ceiling,'' said Christine Grumm, president of the San Francisco-based Women's Funding Network, another women's philanthropic network that has raised more than $450 million over the past two decades, much of it to support development efforts led by and benefiting women and girls around the world. ``Men have always used philanthropy to promote their values in society, and I think women are starting to discover this is yet another strategy to promote our values.''
Click here to watch a video of how they spent $500,000 in New Orleans.

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