Friday, October 27

Fundraising fools

The Motley Fool website provides amusing stock market and investing. I love it because the interactive community of investors often provide a good barometer of popular opinion and market buzz.

A couple of days ago, Mary Dalrymple wrote an article ('Generous Fools') about the Chronicle of Philanthropy's top 400. After summarizing the findings of the Chronicle's report, she describes "the tenth interactive, cooperative charity drive directed by the Fool community."

You should nominate a charity you think is a worthy cause. The Motley Fool's Foolanthropy Committee will keep an eye on the discussion and select five of the most Foolish for this year's charity drive, to be announced around Nov. 20.

The charity with the most nominatins gets $10,000 just for generating the most active support in the Fool community... but the other top winners split an even bigger pie made up of $0.02 contributions for each post on any Fool message board during the month of December. Throw in direct donations and these Fools gave away almost $300,000 last year.

Heifer International (Winner) $107,279
Humane Society of Louisiana $81,174
Mercy Corps $49,922
Doctors Without Borders $31,140
DonorsChoose $20,082
TOTAL $289,597

So, stop reading and start posting.

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