Wednesday, October 18

Faso says donors fear Spitzer

The race for governor of New York does not appear to be very close. The Republican John Faso is trailing Democrat Eliot Spitzer by almost 50 points in the polls. As of October 6th, Spitzer had raised over $39 million compared to Faso's $3.5 million. Liz Anderson at The Journal News reports that Faso thinks potential donors to his campaign are afraid of Spitzer.

Republican candidate for governor John Faso said yesterday he has had trouble raising money for his campaign because donors perceive him as sure to lose and - even if they plan to vote for him - don't want to risk angering the presumptive winner, Democrat Eliot Spitzer.

Even if this is sour grapes from Faso it sounds like an interesting theory that may catch on in other races: "Give to my opponent and I will be very angry with you!"

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