Monday, October 2

Best Fundraising Site of the Week

This past week I've been extremely impressed with the quality of posts from "underalms" at a website called, Where Most Needed and I can't recommend it enough for fundraisers to add to their RSS feed.

It started with a September 26th post on the story of Kuwait lifting a ban on cash contributions to charities for Ramadan. "For the last two years, Kuwait has prohibited direct contributions to charity. Donors had to get forms stamped by the ministry of social affairs & labor and then their bank would transfer money from their account to the charity." But that would never happen here, right?

It was followed two days later by a link to the LA Times article about churches that have installed "Giving Kiosks," an ATM-like terminal that takes donations by credit or debit card.

The next day, "underalms" was back at it again - bringing us a story about a UK proposal for mandatory background checks for charity workers and volunteers.

To top off the week, this post blames the entire charity sector for submitting a paltry 9 comments during a 8 month long comment period on a US Treasury guideline that sets an audit threshold at $250,000 - much lower than it needs to be - and unnessecarily forcing thousands of charities to perform costly audits.

Well done underalms. You've earned a spot on "My Current Favorites" list.

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