Monday, September 4

Is the new YouTube of nonprofits?

Over on, I was reading that YouTube finished July with 30.5 million unique visitors, up from 19.6 million in June. By comparison, Nielsen/NetRatings says MySpace clocked in at 18.1 million uniques, an increase from 11.1 million in June.

Personally, I've been surprised more nonprofits haven't yet posted their Direct Response Television (DRTV) "infomercials" into this online media. Two months ago Save the Children posted one of their 60-second spots on YouTube - however the website reports only 44 viewers so far.

Ken Goldstein at the Nonprofit Consultant Blog posted yesterday on the potential of to become a specialized home for nonprofit online videos. The idea of posting to YouTube seems like a no-brainer. With that big of a crowd already buzzing around - you can't resist throwing your spot out there. However, I remain to be sold on whether a new site dedicated to nonprofit content can drive enough traffic.

I may be proven wrong... Philip Cubeta points out on his blog GiftHub, is looking to hire an "evangelist" as their Director of Business Development.

UPDATE: Beth's Blog has an excellent article on this and other "vlogs".

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