Friday, July 28

We didn't want to call you anyway...

Telemarketing is a lot like political attack ads... everyone says they hate them, but they obviously work and therefore continue. Ever since the "Do Not Call Registry" (DNC) was created, there has been a general sense of confusion among the public about what is and is not covered. The FTC reported to Congress that 107 million phone numbers have been added to the list since it launched on June 27, 2003.

The ironic part about the law is that the nonprofit fundraisers that do the most calling only call their existing house file for renewal gifts and they are exempt because of "pre-existing relationships." It's the small local charities that actually still use telemarketing for acquisition that are affected by the DNC registry.

However, when I read that telemarketers who want to match against the DNC registry must pay $56 per area code up to a maximu of $15,400... it's clear that someone is benefitting more than Joe Public - who may or may not be receiving less calls.

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